1. You need cows milk for calcium

We always see advertisements that say cows milk = stronger bones, they are almost inescapable. This myth has spread around the world based on the belief that milk is a protein and calcium-rich drink. Ironic as it may be, calcium contained in cow’s milk is barely absorbable to the human body. It actually increases calcium loss for the bones

  • Dairy will give you stronger bones

Another myth, very similar to the one about how you need cows milk for calcium. This one couldn’t be farther from the truth, it’s surprising for me to believe that marketers can get away with this. Milk actually depletes calcium from our bones and increases fracture risk, this is why countries with the highest dairy consumption also have the highest rates of osteoporosis.

“Consumption of dairy products, particularly at age 20 years, was associated with an increased risk of hip fracture in old age. (“Case-Control Study of Risk Factors for Hip Fractures in the Elderly”. American Journal of Epidemiology. Vol. 139, No. 5, 1994).”

Drinking milk is linked to cancerdiabetesautism and schizophrenia, and many autoimmune disorders including Multiple Sclerosis.

  • Cows milk isn’t cruel

The smiling cows on your carton of milk and packaged cheese and all the cute celebrities with milk moustaches can’t hide the ugly side of the dairy industry.

Animals that get exploited for dairy live longer, are treated worse, and end up in the same slaughterhouse as do “meat” animals. The cows on dairy farms get a steel device shoved into their vagina every year to inject her with semen, and when she gives birth (within 48 hours) the calf gets taken away from it’s mother, leaving all the milk (that was made specifically for the calf) for humans. All cows are raped once a year to impregnate them.

If a cow gives birth to a male calf, they are considered useless by-products, since they can’t become pregnant or produce milk. The calves get imprisoned by the veal industry in tiny crates, sometimes with ropes and chains around their necks. Because of the tiny living conditions, this prevents muscle development, which keeps their flesh extra tender. The veil industry only exists because of the dairy industry. Everything is connected and dairy is a whole other side of animal cruelty. 

In the dairy industry, machines are hooked up to the udders of cows several times a day to suck them dry. The cows are stuffed with drugs and Bovine Growth Hormone injections, infections and pus form inside and outside of the udder. Then the pus is sucked out with the milk, Pasteurization, which cleans the pus but does not eliminate it, creates a concoction of sanitized pus. The national average hovers around 350 million pus cells per litre (enjoy your pus). Cows raised on organic,antibiotic-free, hormone-free, grass-fed, local facilities don’t produce pus-free milk either. In fact, organic milk has more pus than non-organic milk because when cows get infections, as they always do, medicines aren’t used to treat this.

  • Cows need to be milked

This myth Is a straight up lie. For some reason everybody is walking around with the thought in their head that cows need to be milked otherwise their udders will explode, that we are doing them a “favour” by milking them.

Cows produce milk for their young and only for their young. If they don’t have babies, they don’t make milk. To keep the cows lactating, the cows keep on getting impregnated through artificial insemination once a year, in other words, the cows get raped. The reason that cows need to be milked is because the workers take their calves away and impregnate them, not to mention they are stuffed with hormones and chemicals. 
Your glass of milk probably contains around 135 million pus cells, bovine growth hormone, chemicals, feces, etc.

  • Cow’s Milk is for Humans

Drinking cows milk makes no sense, cow’s milk contains an average of three times the amount of protein than human milk, contributing to a variety of illness and disease.

The human body has no need for cow milk, just as it has no need for dog milk, giraffe milk, zebra milk, camel milk, goat milk or rhinoceros milk. The only milk that anyone ever needs comes from THEIR own mothers’ breasts! And when weaning is completed, milk is never needed again. Without a doubt, dairy is the stupidest and most unnatural ‘food’ consumed by humans


Thank you for reading! please ditch dairy and go vegan :)

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